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Given problems with spent fuel rods at the Japanese reactor site, experts are saying its time for an accelerated transfer of spent nuclear fuel rods from storage in water-covered pools at reactor sites to concrete and steel “dry” casks. … [and] the federal government should create several regional facilities to store the containers for an […]

I’m wondering about the possibility of  China Syndrome event happening at the reactor in Japan. Some experts are saying that part of the core may have turned molten, but that At Fukushima, the drywell has been flooded with seawater, which will cool any molten fuel that escapes from the reactor and reduce the amount of […]

Physicists usually have a strong handle on many aspects of science, so, as reported in the LATimes,  it will be interesting when Richard A. Muller a longtime critic of the global warming consensus, will testify before a House panel. Leading climate scientists worry that the project, funded in part by an oil billionaire’s foundation, has […]

Today the BBC and other news outlets continue to inform us that Workers at Japan’s quake-hit nuclear plant are trying to prevent radioactive water from seeping into the sea. It’s not the H2O that’s emitting radiation, it’s radioisotopes, and there’s a big need to know what they are. It will be a dangerous business to […]

Oil from algae (oilgae?) isn’t going anywhere, as I’ve been writing and as the NYTimes highlights in a recent article beginning with the bankruptcy of one “standard-bearer for the algae revolution,” which lost $70 million because, as the Times put it the claims of algae biofuel companies get ahead of the science

The Economist has a lengthy article on the future of nuclear energy, which concludes … Distressing though it is, the crisis at Fukushima Dai-ichi is not in itself a reason for the world to change energy policy. The public-health effects seem likely, in the long run, to be small. … The trouble is, it ain’t […]

We’re seeing reports about detection of low levels of I-131 in US rainwater, such as results discussed here by the Harvard Health Blog. But, what about other radioisotopes? Given detection of plutonium near the reactor in Japan, it would be prudent to also test air and rainwater for plutonium, for example. (Note: Apparently, plutonium is […]

Now Reuters has a story reflecting  a lot of TVA PR about how safe the Brown’s Ferry Plant is. But a bit of googling will reveal what happened at Brown’s Ferry back in the 70′s when a wiring room caught fire because someone was using a candle, as I discussed earlier today.

It’s hard to believe that China will proceed with their plans to build as many as 50 nuclear reactors over the next five years If there is eventually an accident that unfolds in China like the current one in Japan, they may have their hands full keeping order. Stay tuned.