Lack of jobs is an important factor driving regime change in the Middle East. One important question is: what if the jobs never come? (We face this question in the US, as well, obviously.) We’re talking sociology here, I suppose.

Egypt has about 80 million people, and it’s population is still growing by as many as 1 to 1.5 million per year. By recent accounts, many in Egypt have had no prospect of finding work, including those with college educations. This factor has contributed to the recent insurrection there, notwithstanding how badly the ex-government governed.

What is to fill the days of these people? Especially the days of the young, able, and educated (and educable) populace. Let’s assume, optimistically for the present, that agriculture can keep up in terms of feeding their bodies. Put another way, what is to feed their minds, or their souls,  if jobs don’t materialize?

I don’t know the answer. Religion can help, as can certain secular approaches, and the arts, perhaps. These matters do require some thought, beyond the important efforts associated with feeding, clothing, and housing people.