The Buffalo, NY Common Council has banned drilling in the Marcellus shale, in a symbolic, but important grass-roots vote.

While Buffalo is where hot wings were invented, they are not winging this one. For example, a SUNY-Buffalo geologist has done some interesting research recently with fracking fluids, showing that when they

reacted samples in the lab with surrogate drilling fluids, they found that the uranium was, indeed, being forced into the soluble phase.

This research is on the preliminary side, but it is interesting to note that the results thus far do support the hypothesis that  fracking fluids can mobilize uranium and other metals, if they are present. It’s also interesting that this same article states that

State and federal regulators have reported that fracking has already have polluted drinking water sources in Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and New York.

It will be useful to have a full listing of these sites and specific circumstances at each, to pull out when the blissfully ignorant PR people working for the drilling companies state that there’s never been a problem. As I’ve mentioned before, let them state this under oath, or at least in a signed affidavit.