It seems to me that symbolism could help those who are planning to actively confront climate change deniers.

I’ve been wondering what a mascot to aid their efforts might look like.

One idea worth pursuing is something educational in the form of a carbon dioxide molecule: three balls, one representing carbon, the other two oxygen. The carbon atom is connected to the two oxygen molecules by springs of a certain springiness and length. Faces on the balls? Maybe. There’s a need for some good designers here, to work in concert with scientists familiar with the properties of CO2 so as to get it right. (Interestingly, it will form a “V” shape: “V” for Victory? Perhaps.)

One can envision this mascot serving a number of purposes. For one thing, a nice one suitable for congressional desks could be sent to each member of Congress, along with a nice brochure beseeching them to learn about the mechanisms by which these molecules trap heat on earth.