It’s difficult to know how fast or how completely these new “biodegradable” plastic bottles will degrade in typical landfill environments.

While degradation is probably extremely slow (many years at minimum) for these bottles, it’s still likely faster than regular plastics, and therein lies the rub because some traditional recyclers apparently are viewing these bottles, made by Enso Bottles, as a threat:

Recycling-industry experts have concerns about Enso’s biodegradable efforts, saying they are not convinced the technology works, but they also worry that if it does, it will damage their business.

Maybe there’s a way they can come together: it’s likely that these bottles could go into the recycling chain, anyway. If that is the case, consumers should still recycle them, but those that are tossed might not be as problematic in landfills.

I wonder what these bottles cost. If they are cost-prohibitive, this issue won’t be a big deal.