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The LATimes has a good summary of the recent government spying scandal in Britain, in which an undercover government agent named Kennedy helped get six eco activists on charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass. Full of remorse, Kennedy, who had not been called to testify by prosecutors, offered to instead supply testimony to help […]

Resurrection of the woolly mammoth in Japan (see previous post), leads to some  provocative movie possibilities. But a few movie titles hitting the boards: Godzilla Versus the Mammoth Hoards King Kong Versus Godzilla Versus the Mammoth Hoards Invasion of the Killer Mammoths I’ll Eat Your Lunch Invasion of the Mammoth DNA Snatchers

Mammoth DNA could result in mammoths walking the earth, or pooping in zoos, once again. This effort is being spearhead by a team of Japanese researchers, one of whom is a professor emeritus at Kyoto University, whose tenure goes back to the last ice age, and who remembers with nostalgia many a meal of mammoth […]

Tidal power is another great way of getting clean energy, with no emissions. A small installation (50 MW, expandable to 200 MW) is currently planned for India, and the article reports more slated for South Korea.   Good stuff. One of the granddaddies (for 30 years) of tidal power is in La Rance, France, where […]

In many circles, an “environmental consultant” is someone who can address pollution aspects of property transfers, as discussed here by some business attorneys (whose concern is “due diligence”). This is a rather narrow definition, but it does help show the importance of being specific about what one needs, thinking with the end in mind, so […]

This approach can solve the problem of storing solar energy for later use, far more efficiently than using batteries. It should be far less expensive than nuclear power, to boot. Read about it here in  Scientific American. It’s also a far more promising approach to invest in than, say, oil from algae, and it’s already […]

President Obama has ordered a review of environmental, health and safety regulations. All well and good, but let’s not forget that many of these regulations reflect lobbying by special interests. These reviews should focus on science and common sense, with the lobbyists kept out of the room. By and large, I’d also like to see […]

Real-world data  indicates that future climate change may be far worse than models predict. Climate Progress gets into the nitty gritty details from a recent review article in Science, discussing, among others, a study that “found that carbon dioxide may have at least twice the effect on global temperatures than currently projected by computer models […]

Off to a good start. Jerry Brown, the new California governator, is cutting way back on cell phones issued to state employees. Not because they cause health problems or are unsafe on the road, but because they are an unnecessary expense.