My invitation to the World Economic Forum at Davos must have been lost in the mail. So I have had to read about it on the web and in the papers like everyone else.

Had I been there, in between cavorting on the slopes and cocktail parties, I would have invited the people at the discussion of Iran’s nuclear plans to consider what might be going on with Iran’s nuclear program’s wastes. To me, this issue represents an opportunity to get the Iranian people involved in turning around their leaders’ nuclear aspirations.

In point of fact we in the US are still digging out and cleaning up the wastes generated from the inception of our own nuclear program (at Hanford and Oak Ridge, among other places). So, it’s not hard to imagine that Iran (and Korea, for that matter) has been creating some pretty nasty piles of nuclear waste material.

So the questions include: what is their waste containment and disposal program, how is it being monitored, and are there any health, environmental or other groups with concerns about this issue who deserve some sort of support?