I’m finding that some of the younger generation may not understand why no nuclear power plants have been built for decades in the US.

As an example, over at the self-proclaimed conservative blog, Across the Back Fence, we see the statement

America has been blocked from building nuclear power plants because some very vocal groups think nuclear power plants will destroy the planet

As I’ve pointed out to our conservative friend:

There is a much more accurate explanation of why no new plants have been built in the US for a long time. The fact is that the accident at Three Mile Island resulted in about two billion dollars being lost just about instantaneously. Add to that the clean-up costs. That huge financial loss is what caused the money to be pulled from that particular market. (The accident at Chernobyl didn’t help people think that nuclear power was financially viable, either.)

More recently,  the government has come in to subsidize nuclear power plants, in Georgia (the US Georgia) to name one place. If these nuclear power plants are financially viable, why are government subsidies necessary?

My regular readers will recall that I don’t think the current government investments in nuclear power plants are a good idea at all. Bad financial move, because there are far better ways to get a bang from those bucks, for one reason.