Taco Bell is being sued based upon a claim that its beef/ground beef is mostly other stuff. They’re not being sued for money, apparently, but just to make a point.

Legal definitions (perhaps tied to some laboratory work) might make for a quick resolution of the controversy. Chicagoist has found the following from the Code of Federal Regulations (legal beagles can see 9 CFR 319.15 Miscellaneous Beef Products):

(a) Chopped beef, ground beef. “Chopped Beef” or “Ground Beef” shall consist of chopped fresh and/or frozen beef with or without seasoning and without the addition of beef fat as such, shall not contain more than 30 percent fat, and shall not contain added water, phosphates, binders, or extenders.

However, Taco Bell is using what they call “seasoned ground beef.” Maybe use of the word “seasoned” gives them some latitude. Maybe not. I’ll wait for one of the attorneys to get back to me with results of further legal research.