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Growing meat in vats may be the way to go, despite the fact that it’s difficult to get research funding for it. As people studying cultured meat at the U of SC point out, yogurt, beer and wine are all cultured products; they’d call the meat factory a “carnery.”

Score another one for Monsanto. Genetically modified alfalfa was approved last week by the USDA. This stuff is similar to Monsanto’s other products: it resists their herbicide Roundup, so that weeds can be readily killed without killing the crop, ostensibly helping crop yields. The organics industry is concerned, because organic food cannot have such genetic […]

There’s a lot of buzz about mushroom kits for the home. Maybe this will get my kids to try them.

My invitation to the World Economic Forum at Davos must have been lost in the mail. So I have had to read about it on the web and in the papers like everyone else. Had I been there, in between cavorting on the slopes and cocktail parties, I would have invited the people at the […]

I’m finding that some of the younger generation may not understand why no nuclear power plants have been built for decades in the US. As an example, over at the self-proclaimed conservative blog, Across the Back Fence, we see the statement America has been blocked from building nuclear power plants because some very vocal groups […]

Using power when it is produced is an important component of the renewable energy mix. Here, when the wind is blowing, a German facility can lower fish storage temperatures to levels well below what’s necessary to keep them frozen. Then, when wind speeds decline, the fish can warm up a bit, but still stay frozen.  […]

A new study gives pause to those who are hoping we can educate ourselves out of our messes, whether they be environmental, economic or some combination of these two inextricably linked messes. The details aspects of a study and accompanying recent book entitled Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, by sociologists Richard Arum […]

Give them an “A” for being able to successfully wrangle some grant money, and maybe a “B” for effort. Plants that would turn white in the presence of TNT molecules sounds pretty far-fetched, because it is.

9 CFR 319.15 (a) Miscellaneous Beef Products goes on to say that …. When beef cheek meat (trimmed beef cheeks) is used in the preparation of chopped or ground beef, the amount of such cheek meat shall be limited to 25 percent; and if in excess of natural proportions, its presence shall be declared on […]