It’s important to focus on the safety of these frankenfish, but the safety hubbub is masking rational examination of whether they really would be less expensive than the salmon we can buy now. That’s just not going to  happen, for a number of reasons.

PBS Newshour had a discussion last night on these salmon, which supposedly grow twice as fast as regular atlantic salmon. The FDA is looking at them now.

The pro-GMO salmon guy, Val Giddings, was pushing the economic benefits of these fish, mainly that they’d be grown in fish tanks close to the cities where they’d be eaten, saving transportation costs. Is that really the best they can do?

Growing these salmon in tanks will entail a host of costs. For example, I doubt if water pollution control costs have been considered. The effluent from these tanks will require treatment due to the presence of fish feces, fish parts, and unconsumed food. This won’t be cheap, in part because the high salt content of sea water complicates treatment.