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I’ve never liked the term “natural” on food labels. It really has no definition. (And the term “hypoallergenic” is equally meaningless, when it comes to pillows and such.) Ben and Jerry’s ice cream as made voluntarily a stand-up decision to drop the term natural from its labels, due to presence of ice creams and frozen […]

My new friend, George, and I were talking about identifying the world’s most polluted river. To some extent, the answer may be subjective, because one’s world view may come into play. Thus, a clean looking river filled with toxic chemicals rendering the water unfit to drink might be viewed as more polluted than the Citarum […]

I’m not so sure. The researchers looked at seagull feces off the coast of Portugal, as a LiveScience article discusses. But it seems that they only looked at proteins produced by genes indicative of antibiotic resistant strains. In any such study, the viability of the microoganisms is important. More research is necessary before I’ll stop […]

The LATimes reports on recent studies showing potential concerns from disinfectants in swimming pools. We’ve known for a long time that disinfection byproducts (DPBs) can be problematic, and many cities now treat drinking water using methods that minimize their formation. It’s also well known that these compounds, if in tap water, can enter the bloodstream […]

It’s important to focus on the safety of these frankenfish, but the safety hubbub is masking rational examination of whether they really would be less expensive than the salmon we can buy now. That’s just not going to  happen, for a number of reasons. PBS Newshour had a discussion last night on these salmon, which […]

Climate Progress is rightly concerned about the anti-science rhetoric coming from Rush Limbaugh and others. But there’s an easy solution: Have prominent people get vaccinated live and on TV, on YouTube, and elsewhere. Have them say, as they get poked, “Hey, Rush, we trust science. That’s why we’re getting our tetanus shots today!  And you?”

The big fire in Colorado has me wondering what’s in that fire retardant they’re dropping out of planes when weather permits:

Hong Kong air pollution is at record levels. Having basically no pollution control and (very low wages) sure does make for cheap products. I wonder what Chairman Mao would say. Got to revolution?

It appears that abnormally low dissolved oxygen levels are not being created by bacteria using the oil/dispersant mix as a food source. This information is being viewed by some as evidence that using dispersants was the right choice. However, I think it’s too soon to tell if this is good news, because, for example,  toxicity […]