I’ve been off on a vacation, but have heard snatches about the salmonella fuss here and there.

But I don’t understand the problem, because, as I learned while studying public health, one has to flat out assume that salmonella is in and on raw eggs, as well as in and on raw chicken, and act accordingly. (As I recall, about 25% or more of raw chicken has always had some level of salmonella, for example).

The problem may actually be one of education, but it’s really pretty simple: always assume that raw eggs or raw chicken has salmonella, as will everything they touch. Cook the eggs and chicken to a good, high temperature, enough to kill the salmonella, and don’t put the food you intend to eat onto plates that held uncooked chicken and eggs. Oh, and wash your hands with soap and water after handling raw eggs and chicken.

That said, perhaps the problem is one of far too much fecal material getting into the eggs that are being recalled. Still, that’s no reason for anyone to assume that the recall will ever remove salmonella from raw eggs and chicken.