I said compositing, not composting. Some toy manufacturers are having trouble with affording the testing and paperwork required by new toy safety regulations set up to help prevent importing toys with lead and other problematic constituents.

Here the basic idea: grind up a huge number of different toys, mix, then grind again and mix until homogeneous. Then test a sample from the resulting composite mixture.

If there’s zero lead found, then that means that the individual toys used to make the composite all had zero lead. If they find lead, then there’s a need to go back and figure out where it came from through checking with the manufacturers and/or more testing, etc.

Compositing works. I like this idea so much I think I’ll let the toy lobby know about it. It will require some proving out and methods development, but compositing looks like a good way to go. It works in other areas involving environmental testing, so why not here.