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Interesting compendium of distortions by the right-wing noise machine, including: BP was only drilling “out there” because environmentalists and the federal government “made them” do it … Obama waited weeks before responding to the oil spill

Some are suggesting that the stock prices in oil drilling firms are going to go way up for the usual reasons: we need the oil, we can’t quit, etc. But I think these firms will experience a boom for another reason: increasing regulation. It’s highly like that new regulations will require that deep-water oil wells […]

I had no idea that, in 1902, as reported in the NY Times, in Pittsfield, Mass: … an electric car demolished the landau containing President Roosevelt and Gov. Crane and killed Secret Service Agent William Craig…

Obama’s oil spill commission looks insufficiently staffed for the task at hand. Let me explain why. First, note that the political class is almost 100% attorneys without any technical expertise whatsoever. Thus, they do not always make the best decisions about which expertise to apply to a problem, and how. Moreover, going with what they […]

Wow, the Judge who ruled against the drilling ban owns drilling stocks. Kind of makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?

Now’s the time to strengthen the regulations, since  a judge has nixed the temporary ban on offshore drilling. Among other requirements, the regulations should require a proper relief well at the same time and place as any deep sea oil well. What the heck, the oil companies can afford it. While the judge’s ruling is […]

Oil and gas prices have not gone up, even with the ban on deep-water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The NYTimes has an article about how burning biomass may not be so hot after all. Some are for it, some are against it. Burning biomass (done in incinerators, creating steam to drive generators) sounds to me like a bad idea to pursue. One reason is that the incinerator companies won’t stop at wood scraps […]

Now we’re learning of concerns that Gulf oil cleanup personnel are not receiving sufficient traning and may not be using the right protective equipment. We can’t have a repeat of the health issues accompanying the 9/11 cleanup! People need to take air samples and document what needs to be done here, and do it. Otherwise, […]