Wastewater sludge and animal waste could be put to use to convert land which cannot be cultivated into arable areas for growing biofuels.

At the World Biofuels conference in Seville, we are told that

Martina Fleckenstein of the World Wild Fund for Nature said the WWF estimated 380-450 million hectares could be sustainably planted for fuel feedstocks, alongside 1.6 billion ha needed to guarantee the world’s food supply.

But I’m not sure if people have looked seriously at using the soil-conditioning potential of organic wastes, which can convert soil that is lousy for cultivation into land good for growing various crops, including biofuels. Organics wastes help increase the moisture retention capacity of soil, among other useful properties.

We could even consider converting desert land as part of such an effort. One would have to do energy balances and such, and there would have to be a good source of water nearby, such as reclaimed water. I

It’s worth a close look.