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He’s called Dr. Tony Hayward. But his name may soon be Dr. Wayward Hayward, because clearly his head is going to roll soon. In thinking about what he ought to do next, I’ve run down some information on Wayward Hayward’s dissertation at the University of Edinburgh. It’s called Tertiary ophiolite-related sedimentation in S.W. Turkey.

Vegetarian food chains come along now and then, at least in concept. Why can’t they follow the simple model of MacDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc. and have a simple menu, with simple items? We really need some good, economical alternatives.

Wastewater sludge and animal waste could be put to use to convert land which cannot be cultivated into arable areas for growing biofuels. At the World Biofuels conference in Seville, we are told that Martina Fleckenstein of the World Wild Fund for Nature said the WWF estimated 380-450 million hectares could be sustainably planted for […]

The BP oil leak brings up an important question: ought not key company executives include at least one person with some serious environmental engineering expertise? Here is BP’s lineup at yahoo finance, and here is their board of directors. Heavy on MBAs and geology (and at least one British knight), but I don’t see anyone […]

BP had best start getting beyond petroleum as much as it possibly can. This conference next March, in Rotterdam, has BP as one of two platinum sponsors, and bills itself: World Biofuels Markets (WBM) is the leading annual industry networking event where the leaders of the biofuels world meet to drive innovation and do business. […]

I’m dubious about the idea of getting biodiesel from sewage sludge, as is recently being touted. One reason I’m dubious is that we’ve yet to see a proper demonstration of the feasibility of getting oil from algae. Given that sewage sludge is a much more complicated beast, I don’t see its promise as a source […]

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the heads of BP. It seems that BP’s Executive Director, Byron Elmer Grote, earned a doctorate from Cornell University, back in 1981. Grote’s dissertation (entitled “Exact and Heuristic Solution Procedures to the Dynamic Facility Location-Allocation Problem”) has some ironic aspects in view of the current BP oil […]

Tony Hayward, head of BP, is listed as making $4.54 Million a year. His ouster is inevitable, and from the look on his face, he knows it. I’m trying to wrap my head around how much someone, who makes more than enough to retire after only a few months of his annual salary, really cares […]

One thing I simply do not understand is why in this new cell phone study, as reported by Nature, people with certain types of cancer were interviewed about their mobile-phone usage. Why did they not get ahold of actual cell-phone billing information as a way of measuring cell-phone usage?