Now that we have a huge oil slick making landfall on the Gulf Coast, Obama is putting a halt to further drilling, at least for now. Meanwhile, calls to stop the drilling surge off the east coast and elsewhere are revving up.

So, a disaster leads to a rethinking of energy policies meant to increase jobs and satisfy the “more is better” crowd.

The same thing will eventually happen with expanding nuclear power plants. There will be another big loss like at Three Mile Island, and a lot of money will have been wasted, both at the accident site and at new facilities in progress, which will be halted. The analogies are clear, but is anybody listening?

As I’ve been saying, we need to put those billions into public transportation of all kinds: buses, high speed rail, light rail, etc. That will create a lot of jobs, also. There will be a lot of retraining to do, but the payoffs are clear: lower energy use and a better quality of life due to reducing sprawl, to name a couple.