The CNBC report on nuclear power plants, anchored by their reporter, Melissa Francis, is pretty well balanced, but missed some important points.

The emphasis of the production was on interviews with the various experts, with some celebrities thrown in for good measure. (Bob Geldof and Bill Maher, among others, support nuclear power. I’d love to get on Maher’s TV show to help him understand what he’s missing.) There was good coverage of the Three Mile Island accident, but the report did not include those with real insight into the epidemiological studies following-up on the radiation releases there.

Another important point being missed here is human nature. After Three Mile Island, human nature led to a massive rethinking of, and pullback from, nuclear power. Big bucks were lost, so, strictly from an economic viewpoint, we can see what is at stake. When a similar or worse incident happens again (and, for a number of reasons, sadly, one will), much money spent on this industry will be lost after the outcry. Better we should put the bucks into public transportation subsidies. We know that people crave it, after all, given all the terrible traffic out there.