One hypothesis that I’ve not seen addressed is that there might be something about the manufacturing of vaccines slipping between the cracks, which might shed light on side-effects of vaccines, including being a contributor to some cases of autism.

For example, there seems to be a tacit assumption that all Quality Assurance/Quality Control data in vaccine manufacturing has been dutifully recorded, and examined in detail by the right people. But has it?

We might never know because it seems that all such data is off-limits. Robert Kennedy, Jr. notes in the Huffingtonpost that

plaintiffs have no right to discovery either against the pharmaceutical industry or the government

So, how can one begin to tease out the hypothesis that perhaps, at a certain rate, sometimes way too much mercury makes into some vaccination vials, or something goes wrong with the ultrapure water system used for making vaccines, or something else.

I’d think that we’d want to have full assurance of the answers to these and associated questions before one can say with finality, as Paul Offit has stated that

the autism theory had “already had its day in science court and failed to hold up.”

Science court may be one thing, but I’m leaning also towards some shoe-leather engineering investigations, as well.