Texas oil barons won’t give up easily. They would love to become gas barons now. In spite of their pleas, we need to recognize that the sooner we end the carbon economy, the better. And Texas is doing very well with wind, despite claims to the contrary.

Over the weekend, the Houston Chronicle ran an editorial making what might be called the “gas as temporary savior” plea, singing the praises of natural gas, noting

sounds of innovation and revolution echoing from across the oil patch, particularly regarding domestic natural gas supplies …

It’s a bit off the mark that they state that

Technologies for wind and solar are, in most experts’ judgment, years away from meeting more than a small percentage of our energy needs.

given that, as reported in the Wall Street Journal here that, in Texas,

wind turbines produce a significant share of the state’s electricity.

And many of arguments in favor of natural gas made in the Houston Chronicle editorial apply directly to alternative energy sources such as wind and solar: creating jobs, reducing dependence on foreign oil, cutting defense costs, and reducing carbon dioxide output (to virtually nil compared to natural gas).

To their credit, the editorial does mention as “significant” the potential water contamination problems from hydrofracking, which they consider solvable. But they neglect the fact that people simply don’t want business done the way hydrofracking is currently proposed: pumping hazardous chemicals into the subsurface, with no really good, economical way to deal with what has to be pumped back out.