A number of environmental Non-Governmental Organizations take money from polluters. As such, can they really be unbiased? People need to vote with their pocketbooks on this one.

The issue is explained in some detail in The Nation, in an article entitled “The Wrong Kind of Green.” The upshot is that a number of environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, are in for criticism because they won’t take strong positions while taking money from big corporations. They are being co-opted, and settle for half-measures, such as not going full-bore and consistently for keeping carbon dioxide levels at a level dictated by the science.

The author of The Nation article was interviewed yesterday on Democracy Now (transcript here), and stresses that

we are not talking about all American environmental groups. It is really important for people to know, if they want to know where to give money to, where to campaign with. Greenpeace, 350.org, Friends of the Earth do not accept corporate donations

As for the ones who take money, no less an important figure than James Hanson is quoted in the article as saying

“I find the behavior of most environmental NGOs to be shocking…. I [do] not want to listen to their lame excuses for their abominable behavior.”

Maybe some of these NGO’s can turn themselves around. If they don’t, they will surely be left out in the ci=if their approaches turn out to be misguided.