Where sanitation is lacking, one option is to defecate into plastic bags. Bags can be free (from stores, kiosks and the like), and after use are thrown in the trash or sometimes tossed away (thus the term “flying toilets”). Not very sanitary, but better than nothing.

Now, a group (Peepoople) has an idea for a biodegradable bag, called the Peepoo, which has a chemical (urea) added to promote disinfection. Buried in the soil, the product provides fertilizer (and soil conditioning) value. The developers are applying for a patent on this device, and have angel investors.

The Peepoo Bag

The Peepoo Bag (patent pending) Is a Great Idea

I’ve done field pathogen inactivation work on latrines in the past, and have been reviewing available information on the Peepoo. As of now, I don’t find any field test data on pathogen inactivation for the device. That work will have to be done, if it has not been already, so that appropriate levels of advice can be provided on what crops to grow, and how and when.