If George Will has any scientist friends, or might have the temerity to try and befriend, or at least speak with, one or two, he might learn something of substance from them, and then be able to respond with some substance of his own about climate change.

Heck, Will has written a lot about baseball (such as here), and I’ll bet he’s spoken with many a baseball player along the way. The physics of a curve ball no doubt piques his interest–it’s indeed very interesting how a spinning ball tends to curve. It’s basic physics, comprehensible to a layman. But Will appears to have no knowledge of the physics  of climate change, also comprehensive to a layman. (As I’ve gone into here.)

Will dishes out opinion laced with diatribe, without a single indication that he has any idea of how carbon dioxide and other gases act to retain heat on earth. The most recent example is Will’s February 21st column in the Washington Post.

Why can’t Will at least acknowledge that levels of carbon dioxide and other gases are increasing, and that it is logical to conclude that these increases may very well heat the earth to temperatures that could cause real trouble? After all, it is these gases that keep earth from being an ice ball. Further, why is it not logical to be prudent, and initiate conservation methods, and develop alternative energy sources that wean us off of foreign oil, for example? Are these bad things? I don’t think so.

But I suppose Will is not trying to be logical, nor to do research on global climate change mechanisms in the same way that he does on what controls baseballs. He’s selling papers. Focusing on the extremists suits his world view and lines his pockets. Why acknowledge any understanding of the real phenomena at work?