It might be useful for Lisa Jackson to show up next time with a model of a carbon dioxide molecule. More on that below.

As reported in the NY Times, Ms. Jackson told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee that

“The science behind climate change is settled, and human activity is responsible for global warming,…That conclusion is not a partisan one.”

Carbon Dioxide Model

Lisa Jackson Should Use a Prop Like This

Apparently some of the senators do not follow the science very well, so a prop is in order.

I found a nice explanation here of how to make a carbon dioxide molecule and demonstrate how it absorbs and re-emit infrared radiation. She could show them how it works, pointing out how truly simple the basic mechanisms are.

The follow-up is to explain very gently that, just as they can’t deny that carbon dioxide concentration levels are increasing, they can’t deny that these mechanisms heat the earth, and will heat it more as concentrations continue to increase.