It seems pretty cynical to be bragging about all the jobs that will be created by providing federal loan guarantees to build nuclear power plants, when the waste issue is still not solved (and probably never will be). And when this industry is likely to be plagued with the same problems as in the past, including massive cost overruns; and, worst of all, accidents rendering the plants useless (as at Three Mile Island), as I’ve discussed previously, here.

At any rate, as they report in The Hill, the Obama administration is providing “loan guarantees” to build two nuclear plants near Augusta, Georgia. As the report states,

The administration official, citing Southern Co. estimates, said the Georgia project would create roughly 3,000 onsite construction jobs and about 850 permanent jobs operating the plant.

So, it’s all part of the economic stimulus, helping create jobs.

Other issues come to mind. First, are these loans really going to be paid back? What are the terms?

Also, after the accident at Three Mile Island, there was a fair amount of agreement, even among the promoters of nuclear power, that it was a bad idea to put these plants near population centers. But nevermind. The executives running this power company will be long-retired, living in posh, gated communities, long before these plants are fired up.