Reuters reports on a group of shareholders who

ask companies to increase transparency about the effect of their drilling on the environment and encourage companies to switch to less-toxic hydraulic fracturing fluids

“There is real business risk here,” said Larisa Ruoff, an official with the $100 million Green Century Funds. “Companies and regulators must ensure this development is done in a way that protects the environment and drinking water.”

It does not augur well that, as the article goes on

The oil and gas industry says the process is safe, and there has never been a documented case of ground water contamination because of hydraulic fracturing.

“Ultimately the facts are going to bear out,” said Tom Price, a spokesman for Chesapeake Energy. “I think that is all we can do, is to continue to point to the facts.”

Clueless. Simply put:  People don’t want business done this way. There is no future in injecting hazardous chemicals into the subsurface. (And it’s never been shown that it is necessary to do that to get the gas out.)