One way to treat mattress materials so they will pass the fire retardant regulation is to mix in a lot of boric acid. I need to learn more about how this is done, but jumping up and down on a bed would, I’d think, release boric acid to the air if its anything like the boric acid we buy at hardware stores to help get rid of roaches. And kids jump up and down on beds.

One version of the boric acid Material Safety Data Sheet here (by JT Baker, a very good chemical products company) reads:

Warning! Harmful If Swallowed Or Inhaled. Causes Irritation To Skin, Eyes And Respiratory Tract. Affects Central Nervous System, Liver And Kidneys.

Label Precautions:
Avoid breathing dust.
Keep container closed.
Use with adequate ventilation.
Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
Wash thoroughly after handling.

This being the case, how can the stuff end up in beds? Is there good evidence to show that there is no release of the stuff if it is put in beds, despite this clear indication that it could be problematic for lengthy exposure. What do manufacturers such as the one putting out the MSDS above have to say about the matter/