The issue of energy wastage using inductive battery charging (without wires) needs far more visibility, and fast. The manufacturers are rapidly rolling out these devices, and people who are concerned about conserving energy need to get the word out.

I’ve discussed this matter previously here, but now we are seeing more and more products coming out, such as wirelessly charging computers, and wireless electric car charge connections (oh, the irony!). We need to ramp up the issue in hopes of spurring groups such as the Sierra Club to take a stand. When it comes down to it, most people really don’t want technology to head in this kind of retrograde, energy wasting fashion.

As Dell notes about their computer,

As the world’s first laptop with a wireless inductive charging stand and dock, the Z gives you the freedom to charge, connect and collaborate in extraordinary ways.

The Sierra Club has developed information explaining how to stop vampire power devices, saying in a green tip that

Electronics like computers, televisions, and cell phone chargers continue to draw power even when you’re not using them, so kill these “vampires” at the source.  … you can save power by plugging your desktop, printer, and fax machine into a “smart” power strip.

If using a power strip in this manner is deemed “smart,” then there’s no alternative to calling use of inductively coupled battery chargers “dumb.”