I can’t understand how it’s possible for anyone to believe anything substantive could get done among one-hundred plus countries when more than 46,000 (!) people are involved at a meeting.

Geoffrey Lean writes in The Telegraph that

the Danish government and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change …. accredited 46,000 people

I’m not sure what accredited means in this context, but it appears to mean, in effect, that these were the people given badges to get into the center where the talks went on.

There surely are even greater numbers of people around who are not accredited, but who went to Copenhagen as part of delegations of various groups, including academics and the like.

Setting aside the chaos caused by demonstrators and various nitwits attempting to get on TV and the net, it’s amazing that anyone seriously had hoped anything could done with so many people present.

Somehow there has to be a way to get the various countries’ representatives together without all the NGO’s and others, as well-intentioned as many of them are. Things need to be phased, with the NGO’s working before such confab, in stages of some sort. After an agreement is worked out, then have the big convention with 10′s of thousands of people. Too many lobbyists, as well?