Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations (CAFOs) and other outfits will benefit substantially if this idea takes off.  After all, pigs are supposed to be smart.


Pigs Can Be Toilet Trained?

As reported around the world, including here by World News Australia, in Taiwan

To keep their livestock from defecating into nearby rivers, a growing number of farms have established special “toilets” smeared with faeces and urine to attract the pigs — and farmers say the results have been very encouraging.

“The pig toilets on my farm help me collect about 95 percent of all pig waste, making cleaning much, much easier,” Chang Chung-tou, a pig farmer in Yunlin county, told AFP.

The Environmental Protection Administration, which will introduce a new fee on water pollution in the middle of 2010, plans to encourage other pig breeders to begin potty training.

I’m not sure if smearing waste on a toilet is the best way to attract pigs, but there could be other means. This is good fodder for some research funding, no doubt.