More news on hydraulic fracturing with benign compounds (what could be more benign than H2O?):

From the testimony of Amy Mall, of the NRDC, on  ”The applicability of federal requirements that protect public health and the environment to oil and gas development,” Presented to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform United States House of Representatives, October 31, 2007.

….water can be an alternative. At a 2001 EPA expert panel meeting, it was stated that hydraulic fracturing can be performed using water without additives.68 Two studies conducted in the field by Amoco Production Company found that gas wells fractured with water produced more gas and cost considerably less to fracture than wells fractured with a gel comprised of chemicals. Another study by the Gas Research Institute, Phillips Petroleum Company, Amax Oil and Gas, and Resource Enterprise also found that hydraulic fracturing using water was more effective than fracturing with a gel.69

68See U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Summary of 10/31/01 Expert Panel Meeting on the Hydraulic Fracturing Study” (15 November 2001), p.6, as discussed in OGAP (April 2005), p. 55. Available at:

69Logan, T.L., “Preliminary results of cooperative research efforts with Phillips Petroleum Company and Amax Oil and Gas Inc., San Juan Basin,” Quarterly Review of Methane from Coal Seams Technology, 11(3&4):39-49 (April 1994), as discussed in Oil and Gas Accountability Project (April 2005), p. 56. Available at: More information on non-toxic alternatives is available in Chapter 6 of OGAP’s April, 2005 report.

We need to delve into these references, and get their authors’ testimony on these efforts, and any others the industry has done in this area.