As we prepare for the holidays, we are reminded about the recent problems with imported toys having lead paint, and other chemicals.

The website, states it has been testing toys since 2007, listing results on their site.  They point out that their most recent research shows

… lead has been steadily decreasing in toys. In fact, the number of products with lead exceeding current federal standards for lead in toys (300 ppm) decreased by 2/3 (67%) since 2007. However, one in three of all toys tested (32%) this holiday season still contained one or more harmful chemical including lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury.

See many of their testing result on specific toys on their site, along with a summary of their most recent results, which states, among other interesting points:

Our analysis of products with lead exceeding today’s current regulatory standards (300 ppm) shows a 2/3 (67%) reduction since 2007 in the number of toys exceeding the current CPSC limits for lead in substrates in toys for children under 12.

Lead was detected in 18% (119) of the 669 products we tested.

Other dangerous chemicals are still found in toys. One-third (32%) of toys tested in 2009 contain one or more of the hazardous chemicals (lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and bromine) tested for by (Their emphasis.)