There’s a new study out of Oregon called ““Life Cycle Assessment of Drinking Water Delivery Systems: Bottled Water, Tap Water and Home/Office Delivery Water.”  We’ll have more on the results soon.

It’s plainly in the title, but I confess to having trouble when first I went to the Executive Summary (here), which does not have the title, nor any explanation of the acronym HOD.  It’s a bottled water industry thing, and, being a water guy (but not too up on my HOD), I really wanted to find out fast what HOD means.

I googled the term, only to find definitions such as Head of Department, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (a puppy bone ailment), Hoop of Death (beats me), Human and Organizational Development, Heart of Darkness (as in HOD tourism), and Home/Office Delivery.

Finally, the solves it with a far more complete listing, including

Head of Department
Host On-Demand
Head Of Delegation
Home Office Delivery
High of Day (stock markets)
Hurt On Duty
Higher-Order Differential
Home Owners Dues
Heads Out Display (military aviation)
Hand-Off Delay
Historic Ordnance Disposal

Next time, Oregon, please, at first use of an acronym in a document (including a stand-alone, linked Executive Summary), write it out for us babes in the woods. After all, many of us only read Executive Summaries, because we are often Heads of Departments or Hosts on-Demand, concerned about (or getting) the High of the Day, while trying not to get Hurt on Duty while writing checks for our Home Owners Dues.  Thanks, Oregon!