I’ve been quick to share a saying of a friend from Finland a few years back:

“There’s only a one-letter difference between networking and notworking.”

Indeed, it is possible to waste a lot of time networking, be it in person or on the internet.  As written at Hubspot.com:

… the question we all need to ask ourselves is how much online networking is too much? Many folks have gone overboard with it under the guise of marketing.

There is a lot to be said for interacting with people at conferences, workshops, and the like. Tremendous sums are spent on these sorts of activities.  In many respects, they help fuel economies, of ideas and of merchandise.  In other respects, they burn up a lot of fuel and time.  But fear not. Environment Memo is not going to go overboard with networking.  We are barely able to twitch sometimes, much less twitter.