The Marcellus Effect has an update about the outfit (“Patriot Water Treatment LLC”) that wants to truck to Owego, NY used hydrofracking flowback fluid, treat it, and then truck it back to wells getting gas from the Marcellus Shale.  Apparently, the company owner, Andrew Blocksom, told the board that

he is working with the DEC to figure out what other permits may be required

If they don’t know what permits they need, it seems to me they have the cart way before the horse in terms of submitting to the town of Owego.  Their business plan appears to need even more work than was apparent before.

And they are still working on the treatment process(es) they might use, as reported at the The Marcellus Effect.  That’s for sure.  There’s a drawing at The Marcellus Effect update post, apparently prepared by, or for, Patriot Water Treatment LLC.  The drawing does not show a heck of a lot, but it does not bode well that the drawing shows tanks labeled as “Typical Froc Tanks.”  I’d say they mean “Floc” tanks, with an “l,” floc being short for flocculation.

I’ve already posted here about some of the concerns regarding water volumes (and mass), as well as chemicals involved, wondering about this company’s business plan. Now I’ve done a bit more research on the company and its parent.

Interestingly, Mr. Blocksom shows up here, in a summary of an Ohio newspaper article that appears to no longer be on the web, in which it says

The Buckeye Water District Board of Trustees was propositioned by representatives from an energy company to lease some land owned by BWD in the Madison and Yellow Creek townships. Robert Dickey and Andrew Blocksom from Patriot Energy Partners, LLC from the parent company in Richardson, Texas, gave the Board an initial write-up on their contract requirements. According to 2008-05-20 07:24:21

So, the people trying to set up shop in Owego to do water treatment have more irons in the fire, as they have also been working on oil and gas leases.  It might be interesting to learn more about these companies, Patriot Water Treatment LLC, Patriot Energy Partners, LLC,” and what appears to be the parent company, Patriot Energy Group, LLC, with website here.