BBC reports that

A meeting in Denmark took evidence from researchers that most coral reefs will not survive even if tough regulations on greenhouse gases are put in place.

Scientists proposed storing samples of coral species in liquid nitrogen.

Woah.  Coral are living things, and they apparently won’t be able to stand the increases in temperature (and changes in pH, as we’ll address in a post soon).

As one researcher quoted in the article said about this method of preserving coral so it can be reintroduced at some future time:

“That is something that needs to be looked at in detail, but we can definitely store the species and save them in that way.”

This sounds a bit optimistic.  Coral might be saved for future research, but reintroduction into the ocean?  When? Once things are too far gone, there is likely no coming back (until maybe a couple of cleansing ice ages later, and the last ice age was what, ten thousand years or so ago?).