National Geographic has an article about giant sea blobs forming in the Med.  Apparently they have been around for years, but they are getting more and more frequent.  As they note,

The blobs were first identified in 1729 in the Mediterranean, where they’re most often seen. The sea’s relative stillness and shallowness make the water column more stable, providing ideal conditions for mucilage formation.

Now the blobs might have some nasty critters, including pathogenic bacteria and viruses.  Climate change may result in more of these things.

As I remember, Steve McQueen, in the movie, The Blob, was able to destroy the blob using cold from a fire extinguisher.  Would that work here? Here’s more on the method, from

Steve starts to quench the fire with a fire extinguisher. The Blob, which is trying to reach them in the cellar, recoils. Steve tells Lt. Dave that the Blob cannot stand cold (explaining why it did not consume them in the refrigerator), and so, taking the fire extinguishers from the local high school, they attack the monster with carbon dioxide. Soon, the Blob is frozen solid, unable to move or engulf anyone. The film closes with a scene of a military plane dropping the Blob into an Arctic landscape.

Ironic, isn’t it, that carbon dioxide helped get rid of The Blob?