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In brief, it appears that the hydrofracking mixture spilled recently in PA falls under the Underground Injection Control Program of the Safe Drinking Water Act (while most compounds are now exempt). The ramifications may be significant, but depend in part on how Pennsylvania is, or is supposed to be, handling this matter. Originally, I was […]

The NY Times reports that Chesapeake Energy (“America’s Champion of Natural Gas, as their web site says) does not plan to use its leases to drill in the NY City watershed.  They quote the CEO of Chesapeake Energy as saying “We are not going to develop those leases …, and we are not taking any […]

I posted today on recent concerns that climate change is likely to destroy the coral reefs, even if the output of carbon dioxide and other gases gets under control. Besides temperature increases affecting coral, there is little doubt that a drop in ocean pH (a kind of measure of acidity) will occur as carbon dioxide […]

BBC reports that A meeting in Denmark took evidence from researchers that most coral reefs will not survive even if tough regulations on greenhouse gases are put in place. Scientists proposed storing samples of coral species in liquid nitrogen.

Reuters reports here that a company in Pennsylvania spilled about 8,000 gallons of LGC-35, a lubricant, in the rural community of Dimock, Susquehanna County, on Sept. 16 and 22. Natural gas drillers use the chemical in a technique called hydraulic fracturing to obtain gas trapped in rock formations. The state’s Department of Environmental Protection fined […]

I bought a couple of Baby Einstein tapes on eBay for my kids a few years ago, and was unimpressed. Some music, some figures jumping around, would make my kid smart? I didn’t think so and decided not to invest further. Now it seems Disney, who bought the franchise a while back, has admitted that […]

The new Pew poll out today on their website,  “Fewer Americans See Solid Evidence of Global Warming,” demonstrates an unfortunate failure to grasp what the public  needs to know about global warming. Pew should be asking about the extent to which people understand how carbon dioxide and other gases trap heat on the earth, so […]

I thought it was clever to buy cheap iPod chargers and cables on the internet.  The savings over Apple’s prices can be substantial ($5 or so versus around $30 for a charger, for example), and they are often postage-free. But, it turns out it is NOT a good idea to leave these things plugged in […]

I’ve been advising, and urging, that an effort must be made to acquire a full “core dump” of all records, submittals, letters, emails, reports, etc. used in developing the NY draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (sSGEIS) for hydrofracturing in the Marcellus shale. The NY State regulation on so doing is available on the web […]