The State of New York is busily working on a draft “Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement” (or dGEIS) on drilling in the Marcellus shale, as discussed here.  As stated, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is

presently on track to release the draft for public comment in September. While some third-party information has taken a few weeks longer than originally expected, the preparation of the draft document is continuing to move toward completion.

As planned, they are evaluating water use, space, additives, and other issues.

After public comment on the draft is received, a final SGEIS will be issued, and this supplemental document will be used in concert with the existing GEIS, finalized in 1992, to

process and, as appropriate, issue well permits for gas well development using high-volume hydraulic fracturing…

This will be an interesting read.  Upcoming posts will address general and specific aspects  of the public comment process.