I want to follow-up on the latest environmental issue on our radar screen, the Marcellus shale gas extraction project(s).

It is important to start a web compendium where all applicable state and federal rules, regulations, and laws; all reports, papers, etc. … in other words links to or scanned in versions of everything possible out there can be posted for all to see and review.

A wiki is one way to do this… here is an example.  As pointed out here on the website, CIO.com:

Wikis let users share information with one another in a central site. People can share text, articles, spreadsheets, videos, and RSS feeds with fellow collaborators. …

Of course, this approach applies to other projects as well.  Get the information and get it out there.

To the extent that there are copyright issues, these must be considered, of course.  Nevertheless, all public documents such as the laws and regulations do not have a copyright, and in my state and I’m sure in most others, all things submitted to the state as part of any sort of regulatory oversight by law belongs to the people, and is available for review and copying (unless an appropriate case is made that the information must be kept confidential by virtue of its being a trade secret).  Now, it is a question whether all such reports developed, say, by a consulting firm, may be put on the internet, but still they can be copied and passed around, at a minimum, unless the confidentiality case has been made.  In that case, one may need to rely on a redacted version.  (Caveat:  I’m not an attorney, and do not play one on TV.)