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The PBS series, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” is just fantastic.   It can be viewed on-line here (after a couple of minutes of ads). One thing this series shows is that much of what we need to do to conserve and protect the environment is sociological and political in nature.   The story of […]

The State of New York is busily working on a draft “Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement” (or dGEIS) on drilling in the Marcellus shale, as discussed here.  As stated, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is presently on track to release the draft for public comment in September. While some third-party information has […]

The Association of Environmental Engineering & Science Professors (AEESP) has an interesting article in its current newsletter by Amy Childress (who teaches this stuff at the University of Nevada, Reno), entitled “Engineering and Green Chemistry Among Predicted ‘Hot’ Academic Careers.”  The article (in the most recent newsletter, here) goes on to say that The growth […]

It is interesting that the manufacturer of the nasal spray flu vaccine had some problems back in 2007. As noted by the Washington Post on May 30, 2007 (article here), The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that its investigators found contamination problems with the manufacturing process of MedImmune’s nasal flu vaccine FluMist but that […]

It is useful to read the Vaccine Information Statements from CDC, available here, when thinking about getting shots.  Sometimes copies are offered at physician’s offices, but they can be difficult to read when they are photocopies of old photocopies, as is the case in my experience. Immunization Schedules are also available from CDC here (but, […]

The media is all a-twitter with news of a University of Michigan study, published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, showing that in adults the injected flu vaccine is far more effective than the nasal spray version (also known as FluMist). As noted here by NPR yesterday during their interview with the […]

Having to remove  groundwater from the subsurface as part of gas production in the Marcellus shale could have a number of interesting implications, both practical and legal/regulatory.  It turns out that it may very well be  necessary to remove  significant quantities of groundwater as part of getting the gas out.  As stated in a USGS […]

I’ve been looking at EPA studies on the safety of hydrofracturing.  The chief concern is contamination of groundwater by the fluids that are injected.  (More about the nature of these fluids in upcoming posts.) One 2004 study is  called  ”Evaluation of Impacts to Underground Sources of Drinking Water by Hydraulic Fracturing of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs.” […]

Reuters is reporting on recent protests in China by residents of an eastern province with concerns about excess blood lead levels in their children. As the article notes: Parents have been demanding action after incidents of lead poisoning were recorded … in at least four provinces. A series of food health scares, including contaminated milk […]