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Consider the school bus. Busy in the morning and the afternoon, school buses sit in between and at night. What if we got them out on the streets, picking up passengers and dropping them off at intersections, all over town? New York City, the NYTimes reports, is moving to use school buses to help elderly […]

We here at Environment Memo think the money for the Cash for Clunkers program would be better spent in support of public transportation. It it short sighted to work on single vehicle transportation when we need fewer, not more and not better cars.

The Wall Street Journal ran a blog piece recently about how the economists who created the cap-and-trade system for emissions don’t think it will work for carbon dioxide, for two reasons. First, carbon dioxide emissions are global and from many sources, not local with discrete sources, as for sulfur dioxide (the main culprit in acid […]

Here we have a funny video of a fellow analyzing the current economic mess, while working out on various electronic components in his workshop using a baseball bat.  The trouble is, he really needs eye protection…there’s a lot of stuff flying.

There have been quite a few article of late about the White House lawn having elevated levels of lead that could adversely affect Michelle Obama’s garden. On one hand, we have the Huffington Post coming down here on the side of caution, taking up Mother Jones’  message that that the land was contaminated by sewage […]