Following up on the Global Warming Petition Project, we turn to one of their basic problems: many people deny even what they take as fact. In their section summarizing the peer reviewed research, they take it for granted that the data on carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere are correct. But guess what, a lot of lay people are even skeptical about that!

Show them the famous Manoa Loa graph, and they will claim it just ain’t so.

No doubt many of the petition signatories, well-meaning as they may be, are unfamiliar with these data and their role.  It would be interesting to set up a poll  sampling subset of the signatories, with questions tied to such issues.  For example, one could ask them:  “Do you find the Manoa Loa data showing carbon dioxide levels increasing since the 60′s to  accurately represent the actual trends of carbon dioxide levels?”  Try that one on your global warming skeptic friends!