At EnvironmentMemo, we have great interest in things of a sociological nature, because solving many of our environmental problems will be possible only through  societal changes.   (More and better public transportation is but one example.)

The web site, the Global Warming Petition Project, is an interesting case in point.  Here, over 31,000 “scientists” have signed a petition denying global warming is a problem, and going further to say that increases in carbon dioxide levels may be beneficial.

The term “scientists” is in quotes above because this petition includes people you really would not expect to have the background for assessing the science here.  For example, it includes medical doctors (recall that medicine is an art, not a science), and many engineers who may have had a chemistry course or two as freshmen, but who really do not have the background to look critically at the relevant factors here.  We’ve previously discussed some of the science related to infrared spectroscopy which is only one core component of understanding the science behind global warming.

Many people who do not have advanced degrees can be swayed by a listing of this type, as can many who do. Those of us who have spent many years in graduate school know that an advanced degree is not a guarantee that someone knows what they are doing, much less whether they can formulate a relevant opinion on something as important as the scientific basis of global warming.

Suffice it to say that for each person signing this petition, there are many with similar backgrounds who have the opposite view.  Very few people with backgrounds appropriate for understanding the basis of the science here would sign such a petition.