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I’ve been waiting to see a picture of Greenpeace’s signage work at HP, and here it is in the LA Times.  The large sign, spray painted on the roof of HP’s HQ, reads “Hazardous Products,” and was thrown up fast using non-toxic paint.  Basically, Greenpeace is concerned that HP is taking too long to phase […]

Tappening is a firm run by a couple of marketers to get people to drink more tap water and less bottled water.  They sell  refillable water bottles with their logo.  A recent write-up in the NYTimes describes their approach.  Their ad campaign uses absurd claims (such as ‘Bottled Water Causes Blindness in Puppies’) to attract […]

This Christopher Swain is a brave guy.   He’s been swimming in polluted waters to help improve matters.  Now he’s swimming down the Atlantic coast.  As it says on his ToxTour website:

A friend clued me in to a recent National Review article by Stephen Spruiell and  Kevin Williamson detailing fifty reasons why “Waxman-Markey is part power-grab, part enviro-fantasy.”  This article, entitled “A Garden of Piggish Delights,”  is getting a lot of play in the conservative blogosphere.  Some are citing it as must reading for helping members […]

The Times has a recent article about the dangers of cell phone use while driving.  Basically, using a cell phone increases the chance of a crash by a factor of four, and, further, the chance of a crash is equal to that of someone with a .08 percent blood alcohol level, the point at which […]

Duke Energy has a concise discussion of some aspects of the debate over cap and trade of carbon dioxide.  As they describe it, power companies need to do something to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (that is, at least, “We all agree we need climate change legislation” …). They go on to discuss their preference for […]

AP has an article today about how NASA has a new, refurbished version of the US original moon landing tapes.  I remember the landing well, having watched it live.  Neil Armstrong said, as he set foot on the moon: “This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  There were debates about […]

Following up on the Global Warming Petition Project, we turn to one of their basic problems: many people deny even what they take as fact. In their section summarizing the peer reviewed research, they take it for granted that the data on carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere are correct. But guess what, a lot […]

Wow, Sarah Palin has an OpEd piece in the Washington Post, criticizing the cap and trade system for carbon dioxide emissions.  It’s nice of the Post to help catalyze her next political steps, but I suppose they had no choice but to publish the article.   This article is very well written, even if it does […]