I have already commented here about how ludicrous and wasteful it is for business to believe that it is OK, or even a good idea, to leave their doors wide open to the outdoors during the Dog Days of Summer.

One idea to help address this problem  is to start a website to which people can send in pictures of companies who allow this practice.  The pictures would then be categorized under company names, and by product type, for example.  Then we could hope that they might be shamed into stopping the energy waste.

Another idea is to start a business selling fake doors that appear to be open!  These fake doors would look like they are propped open by,  say, flowerpots, and they’d swing wide and invitingly, enticing people into the store with their openness.  Maybe they could be made of cardboard for easy set-up and portability, allowing employees to pull them in at closing time.  This could be the start of a great green business!  If there are any takers, please send an email and we will talk turkey.  www.ourgreendoors.com, anyone?  (It’s available!)