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Today’s NYTimes has an OpEd piece by a journalist, Gregg Easterbrook, extolling the virtues of IGCC, or Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle power plants, which burn coal.  The main virtue of this technology is that it can increase the efficiency of converting coal to energy, by gasifying the coal, rather than pulverizing it as in conventional […]

We are getting interesting feedback on posts regarding businesses that leave their doors open to the outside in the heat of summer.  One interesting bit of information came in about the town of Oakville near Toronto, Canada.  They encourage local businesses to keep their doors shut as part of a conservation campaign. Their website includes […]

I have already commented here about how ludicrous and wasteful it is for business to believe that it is OK, or even a good idea, to leave their doors wide open to the outdoors during the Dog Days of Summer. One idea to help address this problem  is to start a website to which people […]

What a waste, many lives later, that it has taken this long to get smoking under the purview of the FDA.  We can’t regulate away people doing things that are bad for themselves.  That’s not the point:  people can find any number of ways to hurt themselves, accidentally or on purpose.  What is unconsionable is […]

Control of the drug delivery device known as the cigarette is finally about to be placed where it belongs, at the US Food and Drug Administration. As reported by UPI and others, this will happen when President Obama signs a new bill into law today. That smoking causes cancer and other diseases has been known […]

As reported last week by MSNBC and other news outlets, one woman living alone in Washington, DC was surprised to get a water bill showing usage of about 140,000 gallons in one month!  Her records showed typical usage of 3,000 gallons a month. There’s a good rule of thumb to remember here: a family of […]

A few readers have been in touch to express a bit of chagrin about this site’s venture into some instructional posts on environmental law. Rest assured, these posts will not be all you will read at Environment Memo. Environment Memo will continue to address contemporary environmental issues and events. (After all, “the environment is everywhere” […]

Laws and regulations are different, and it is extremely important to appreciate the difference while addressing an environmental issue. Often, one has to check both the applicable law(s) and the regulations. Environmental Laws are passed by our elected representatives. Thus, for example, the US Congress passed the Clean Water Act to help clean up, and […]

We at Environment Memo are not attorneys, but we have a lot of experience with studying and applying environmental laws and regulations. In fact, applying these laws and regulations is part and parcel of how environmental engineers, and many environmental scientists, make a living, inasmuch as much of they work they do is driven, and […]