I have Dish Network satellite service, which is really excellent, particularly because it includes channels such as University of California Television (UCTV) and The Research Channel, among others.  These channels include lectures by some of the best people in many different fields, from science to psychology to medicine.

Recently, up came a lecture about energy by Nathan Lewis, of Cal Tech.  The Lewis Group Global Energy Perspective website gets into this information, which is really first-rate, covering many fundamental bases about energy needs and sources, and when we need to get things done so as to stave off global warming. As stated on the site:

This presentation describes and evaluates the technical, political, and economic challenges involved with widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies.

It’s worth a look, some of which is for a non-technical audience. Environment Memo will be studying this trove of useful information to report some of the important conclusions in upcoming posts. For now, suffice it to say that we need Lewis’ group to continue its work, including that on solar energy production.