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As our economy starts to shrink and people lose jobs, self-sufficiency will again come to the fore.  Benjamin Franklin wrote of the virtues of being able to do many things for oneself, saving money on house repairs and the like. We will also need to better build community, so that people living near each other […]

While doing some research on detergents, I’ve come across some do-it-yourself recipes for making laundry soap, such as this one and one here.  Most of these recipes include shaving (or grating) a bar or two of regular handsoap. These approaches seem to be a good way to save a lot of money on laundry detergents.  […]

As reported in the Telegraph, President Obama’s energy advisor has suggested we paint roofs white to help reflect the sun’s energy back toward space, while saving on air conditioning bills.  This could help reduce global warming, although a dark roof in winter saves on the heating bill, which saves on electricity production, which helps reduce […]

Following up on the previous post, I wanted to mention an interesting, hilarious book by one of America’s greatest nature writers, Edward Abby, called The Monkey Wrench Gang. Really a great read. (A caveat: Environment Memo and its publisher and writers in no way advocate monkey wrenching or law breaking of any kind.)  This book […]

The Independent reports some vandals in Britain have been letting the air out of tires of gas guzzlers (or slashing the tires, depending upon which story one reads).  Less vandalous are the Hummer silent protest signals from around the world, being compiled here.

Wired Magazine has a short piece on a Living Machines installation at the Port of Oregon.  The idea is that, after settling (read: septic tank), the wastewater is naturally treated in a soil system with ornamental plants, put out in the lobby.  Disinfected effluent is used for flushing toilets, as well, making this a nice […]

The argument is being made that, because the cap-and-trade system addressing the acid rain problem proved viable, the same approach will work for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. For example, TheGreenGrok states: The cap-and-trade approach worked for acid rain. Why? The profit motive had a lot to do with it. With a price on the emissions […]

I have Dish Network satellite service, which is really excellent, particularly because it includes channels such as University of California Television (UCTV) and The Research Channel, among others.  These channels include lectures by some of the best people in many different fields, from science to psychology to medicine. Recently, up came a lecture about energy […]

Sports Illustrated recently reported on the Belgium body builders who declined to participate in a competition in the Netherlands when the steroid testers showed up. This incident brings to mind something pointed out by a weight-lifting friend who is a body-builder and a vegetarian (if that is possible):  look at the body builders of the […]